Not suitable for chubby girls

I was in an antique store today rifling through the old sewing patterns when i came across a “McCalls Child’s Dress and Coat 50c (NOT SUITABLE FOR CHUBBY GIRLS)”. Three hours later from said purchase, i’m still laughing. You wouldn’t see that printed on a pattern in these days of political correctness. Even though I don’t have little girls anymore, i bought the pattern just in case i come across a vintage coat that i could pull apart and make a girls coat. Even if i never use it, i got a chuckle from the pattern itself! Worth every cent!

We went as a family to little Oliver’s baptism. He’s my partners Godson. Olly doesn’t look too happy about the prospect of getting wet; he did just fine though! Sorry about the terrible lighting in this photo…even though i did a bit of a photo fix it is still dark!

I managed to get some pictures of the girls looking spiffy and

generally happy…although i got my marching orders from Chloe when she decided that i’d taken enough photos…

You can almost put the words in her mouth…”Go away, i’ve had enough of you taking pictures!…”

As promised; here’s the dress i bought at the vintage fashion store.
I love the cut, but it’s very small. So i’ll pick it apart and make a skirt for Caitlin as she likes the fabric the best. I’m in love with the fabric…

It’s several values of blue and has white paisley flowers all over it…it’s just scrumptuous…I’m happy to take ideas from others, so if you have any thoughts on how to best utilise this fabric please don’t hestitate to make a comment.

After Ollie’s baptism we drove up to the Barossa Valley to have lunch at Maggie Beer’s Pheasant Farm. This is the view we had whilst sitting outdoors eating the wonderful produce from the divine Barossa Valley. The birds were chirping and insects singing wildly. If you’d like to know more about Maggie Beer, a wonderful cook, please follow the link and learn more about her philosophies and recipes…She has free postage and handling in the month of February (in Australia) for any of her produce….go check it out and join her food club! Yum…you won’t regret it.

Everything at Pheasant farm is utilised; nothing is wasted. I like that mentality in the age of mass consumerism that we live in. On the way out walking through the carpark Nigel pointed out the pommegranits…aren’t the colours divine? So rich and deep. We had a pommegranit tree in our front garden when I was a little girl living in Sydney. As soon as the fruit were ripe we’d be out in the front garden to get our fill. We also had figs, plums, nectarines, grapes, bananas, apples, oranges and, lemons. The garden was was brilliant to fill hungry tummy’s in summer…my mother bottled left over fruit and was always left with stores of jam and chutney to last until the next season. All too often i can’t find nice things to remember about my childhood, it’s not that they aren’t there; they are, but also peppered with some very strong negative happenings that make it difficult to see clearly the good things. So when i remember some of the simple but lovely things it’s all good.
I’m trying to get the inspiration to design an applique quilt that reminds me of the good things in my childhood. I’m currently making one designed by Rosalie Quinlan called “I remember”. It’s a block of the month that Rosalie designed about her childhood. As i’ve completed each block i have remembered things that i’d previously forgotten. Like the blue lacy dress that my mother made for my 5th birthday party….and the woolly ‘ribbons’ that i had in my hair that day….It was a good birthday and a bad one…it was the last that i celebrated with my father…my birthday is in January and he died the following December.
I’m currently working on the birthday cake block…my mother always used to make butterfly cup cakes for my birthdays…They were brilliant…how i loved those things. She used to cut the top off the little cup cakes, cut the top in half like half circle wings, and then fill the hole with a creamy icing sugar mix and then put the wings in the mixture….I have never made these for my own girls…I’m wondering if it’s because the birthdays of my early years have a tinge of sadness to them? I will have to fix that and make them for the girls…
well that’s all for today
i’ll talk to you soon,

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