Old Photos

Recenty, i’ve been scanning old photos so that they are permanently recorded. The one below right is me on my first birthday in Rinteln, West Germany. The one on the left is me with my cousin in England: i was 3 years old.

The picture on the right was taken on one of our many camping trips; i was 4 years old. I have still got the teddy bear (looking a lot worse for wear) and you can just see the ‘mammy’ knitted doll to the left of me. I still have her too. I named her Sarah and i gave her to Chloe a while back.

The picture to the left is me and my dad; i was four (1970) and it was taken in the Blue Mountains/Three Sisters (NSW). The picture below is me and my youngest brother Chris on the same day.

The pic to the left, with me pretending to hold up the trailor, was taken when i was 6. I’m in my paternal grandparents back yard. The picture far left was taken in my grandparents front yard. I seem to remember the man next door taking the photos. Don’t you love the white head band and the two piece pleated skirt???? You can tell it’s me coz i’ve got band-aid plasters all over my knee! I’ve never been accused of being lady-like…even then haha

Hope you enjoyed the trip down memory lane,
xx suze

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