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It’s taken me a year, but i’ve done Chloe’s 2007 ornament. I’m trying to catch up with the ornaments that i didn’t get time to do over the past 2-3 years…Now onto Caitlin’s 2007 ornament; she’s chosen another variation of a snowman. Considering we live with hot Christmases, it’s quite ironic that they choose snowmen!

I’m currently making a Darth Maul cape for Caitlin; she’s going on summer camp and they’re having a good/bad fancy dress night. For those of you who don’t know who Darth Maul is: think Star Wars Episode 1 OR do a Google search; he cuts a fine figure of a villain!
I’ve recently taken to making glass bead/crystal necklaces. I made a glass pearl one with black glass seed bead spacers between each pearl bead. I mainly made it so that i could hang my large cameo on it. I love brooches, but i don’t like to wear them on my clothes; instead i pin them onto beads/chains. I bought the cameo in the mid ’80’s in my ‘pretty in pink’ days of dress!!! See below right, with Molly Ringwald wearing her cameo..those were the days! LOL

Who doesn’t remember Andie, Blane, Stef and Duckie (Duckie and Andi being my favourite characters!!).
James Spader (who played Stef and is now playing the amazing Alan Shore on Boston Legal) is supposed to be making a film with Jon Cryer (the one and ONLY Duckie) in 2009. I watch Pretty in Pink about once a month..but now since i have a nano rather than just my old ipod, i can watch it in bed late at night whenever i want now!!! along with Moulin Rouge, Looking for Alibrandi, Grease….and the list goes on and on and on! I do have a tendency to OD on nostalgia LOL!
http://au.youtube.com/watch?v=97H1dToqfxY this link is to the COOLEST youtube video EVER! Go see Duckie Dale at his finest! Right click over link and choose ‘open in another window’ option.
I got an email from Uncle George (McLaren). I haven’t had contact for many years; we’re talking decades! He said that Nan is 93 years old…it made me think that i really should try and make time in the next few months to plan a quick trip back to NZ to see her and Pop. This picture was taken in my Nan and Pop’s backyard in Mt. Wellington; it was my 6th birthday. They no longer live there; they moved to a retirement village some years back now. That’s me in the middle of the 3 girls. I loved Nan’s backyard, but at the same time hated it because it was such a lonely time for me. The smell of freshly picked tomatoes ALWAYS reminds me of her backyard. Each week i buy vine ripened tomatoes at the market…the first thing i do when picking the tomatoes is smell one at the stalk…the smell propells me back to Nan’s backyard 38 years ago. When the girls are with me (only Caitlin now) after i inhail, i say “God that smell reminds me of my grandmother’s back yard” they always reply “we know; you say it every time!” hahaha Nan and Pop used to grow their own tomatoes in that backyard; you can see their crops each side of the glass house. Down the bottom of the garden behind the hedge is an orchard…it’s like another little garden room. I used to love going down there and picking fruit and eating it fresh…I seem to remember eating peaches the most. You can see the top of some of the fruit trees in the photo.
Now i’m going to have a whinge…NONE of you EVER leave a comment. Okay, so i don’t update the blog as often as i would like, but i do it for all of YOU. YOU know who you are because i email you all and let you know when i’ve updated the blog. Please leave a message and let me know you’ve had a look…just so i know somebody/anybody is reading the blog!
Happy New Year loved ones,
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