Pork Schmork

cooked pork_watermarkWe’ve never really been big meat eaters, but over the past 12 months we’ve been reintroducing meat, of all kinds, back into our diet.  We’re all quite amazed at how much we’re actually enjoying it.  After watching Jamie Olivers’s ‘Save our pork’ I decided i’d like to have a go at cooking a shoulder of pork.

  The fine folk at Feast! Fine Food at Adelaide’s Central Market put aside this fantastic shoulder.  I decided to follow Jamie Oliver’s instructions on his website for the 6 hour slow roast pork and it was as simple as weighing my pork to give me some idea about how long I would have to cook the pork.


After making sure that all the scoring was deep enough to push in some seasoning, I stuffed the slashes with ground sea salt & pepper.

closeup shoulder

And here’s the cooked shoulder.

 cooked pork_watermark

We ate a lot of pork that week! 🙂 But it was excellent pork so no one was unhappy about eating it.

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4 thoughts on “Pork Schmork

  1. Jeff, i totally agree! We’re a really busy family…all of us study at some level or another so time is very limited to cook. I love the way these huge roasts allow me to quickly slap together another really interesting fabulously flavoured meal or two or three….On top of that there’s always leftovers in the fridge for sandwiches slathered with garlic & rosemary labna …give me a toasted leftover roast meat sanger (Aussie slang for sandwich) any day of the week!

  2. Huge huge fan of doing large roasts like this at the beginning of the week that way. Then you get to be creative with the leftovers especially if you can involve a tortilla and some salsa.

    Nicely done!

  3. Justin, we ate pork til ‘the cows came home’ lol it was brilliant. I even made a paste out of the left over roast vegetables, combined it with the left over gravy and then mixed that with chunks of pork left over and made a puff pastry pie for one of the weekday dinners…it tasted fantastic but was a visual train wreck; so no pics LOL.

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