Potted Garden Update – 24 December 2009

tomato xmas harvest 2412 09

This is my first tomato harvest from the potted garden!  I swear that the image hasn’t been edited other than to re-size.  The colours of these tomatoes are amazing!   By the time this picture was taken i’d already eaten two tomatoes.  They were sweet and juicy and bursting with flavour…just like tomatoes are supposed to taste like.  They smell strongly of that vine smell…a true tomato smell that promises a fresh sweetness only home grown vine ripened tomatoes can deliver.  The rest of the garden is going great guns!  I’ve regularly harvested basil, parsley, mint, cos lettuce leaves and curry tree leaves.

baby tomatoes 24 12 09

Almost as joyful as sweet juicy ripe tomatoes is the promise of many many more to come!

struggle basil 24 12 09

I think I can almost say that the second lot of basil that I planted, that has struggled so far, has finally turned a corner and is finally flourishing.

original basil 24 12 09

The original basil has had a few harvests during spring and is still growing well.  It’s been a constant battle with caterpillars though…those buggers have had far too many feasts!

cos lettuce 24 12 09

The cos lettuces have been disappointing this year.  Last years crop were all so deliciously sweet and tender.  This year for some reason, even though the leaves are small they have been hard and bitter.  I’m considering throwing these and replanting another crop.

standard myer lemons 24 12 09

Four lemons are oh-so-close to being ready to pick.  I’ll probably preserve them for those wonderfully tangy Moroccan dishes I love to cook.  These four were mature enough to withstand the early spring heatwave we had.  Unfortunately the same can’t be said for the baby fruits.   I had such high hopes for both the standard Myer lemon tree [the one here] and my dwarf Myer lemon because they both had over 100 tiny fruits on each…that is until the heatwave.  The trees went into shock.  The dwarf tree dropped EVERY single baby fruit and

standard lemon 1 24 12 09

the standard tree lost all but two of the baby lemons.  This darling, stands proudly at the top of the three and

standard lemon 2_ 24 12 09

this one is nestled in the middle of the tree.

indira and johnny castle 24 12 09

Indira Naidoo (the curry leaf tree not the real person) and Johnny Castle are growing like the blazers.  Baby [nobody puts Baby in a corner] is growing really fast too, but she’s tiny and the intense heat we’ve been having has been a little rough on her so I moved her under the shade cloth for a little respite period.

long chilli 24 12 09

The long hot chillies are growing really well.  In fact they’re doing so well, I’ve had a bandit eating them during the night.  There was a half eaten one left in the pot yesterday morning.  I think I’ll have to start putting the netting down over then during the night to discourage the bandit which is probably a possum or rat.

B1_chilli_24 12 09

B1 the birdseye chilli plant  [named Banana 1 after the tv show Bananas in Pyjamas that my girls loved when they were little] is flowing and fruiting beyond expectation.  I’ll have so many chillies to freeze for winter if they keep growing to maturity.  I grow the chillies for Mr SuziWong…he LOVES fresh chillies.

B2_chilli_24 12 09

B2 the birdseye chilli plant has almost caught up in height to B1, but B2 has been fruiting for longer than B1.  It’s a race to see which one will have fruit ready for harvest first!

So dear readers, here it is Christmas eve!  Personally I can’t get over where the year has gone!  I have actually managed to send out Christmas cards with a family newsletter [i know this is a shock to your system, so sit down] this year AND sent neices and nephews presents!  The last two years have been shocking on us and we’ve failed to have the time to adequately prepare for Christmas.  We managed to get the decorations up on Christmas eve last year, but kept forgetting to take them down.  So they stayed up all year long…The one good thing about that was we were all ready for this year despite a layer of dust!  Yes dear readers, I’m human…and I stuff up regularly 🙄

But this year, even though cards and presents will be delivered late because we only got them posted today, they at least will arrive!

I’m looking forward to blogging about our Christmas feast which is traditionally non-traditional!  We’ll have our usual prawn curry and karti rolls and for dessert we’ll be having a festive pavlova decorated appropriately.  I’ll be taking pictures of the prawn curry process which we’ll be doing this evening and also the cooking of the meat in the karti rolls.  I won’t be blogging the paratha making process which is the ‘roll’ in karti roll as Mr SuziWong made the dough last night and then got up early this morning and rolled out and cooked the parathas.

Whatever Christmas and the festive season means to you, have a safe and happy one.



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