Ricotta Cheese Making Please

This is the ricotta cheese after it’s been heated and the salt and rennet has been added. I scooped out the curds and then put them in muslin to drain.
The look rather unappealing don’t they? They smelled really creamy though.This is them draining on the kitchen table. I’ll let them drain overnight and then put the cheese into bowls covered with plastic wrap in the fridge. I’m going to make cannelloni with them. I’ll mix them with spinach and use them to stuff the pasta. It will probably be Monday nights dinner. I have some more full cream milk in the outside fridge and i’ll probably make mozzarella with that one.
Catch you all later, S

2 thoughts on “Ricotta Cheese Making Please

  1. I’m making goats milk camembert today and will be making ricotta from the left over whey. I never really thought much of ricotta until I made some fresh in a cheesemaking class. It tasted so fresh and sweet. Hope goat’s milk ricotta is nice. Made from whey you don’t need to drain overnight, and you only add vinegar to the hot whey. So easy!

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