runners and diary = goals

What does a diary and a pair of runners have in common? For me they represent some of my many goals; long term ones that i have to work at daily. The diary represents study…obtaining my first degree…

and the runners represent my running goals. I’m not a great runner; no siree bob! I’m not a fast runner; absolutely not. I don’t have a runners body; nuhuh! But i do love to run. It hasn’t always been like that. When i was a teenager i joined the Australian Army as a solider and running was about distances and times…And it seemed that i could never be fast enough for long enough! I felt like a failure. When i discharged from the Army i took a break from running and did other forms of exercise. I ran on and off over the years. Then about 5 years ago i got more serious about running again and decided to make friends with my foe. Once the pressure had been removed from running, i found that i really loved it. When i set my own goals and then achieved them i felt great.
My ultimate long term running goal is to be able to run 5 km under 27 minutes again…haven’t been able to do it for many many years; but i’ve been close though! Last semester at uni, my timetable was crazy and that along with winter (i hate the cold) saw running take a back seat to my uni goals. My distance and stamina went backward. Once uni had finished for the year in December, i took up running again…so now i’m up to running 40 minutes but very slowly.
My other running goal is to run the City to Bay funrun without stopping. It’s 12km in distance and i haven’t ever run more than 7km at any one time….and it’s in September of every year (still a cold time for me)… so outdoor running preparation would have to start in winter…the weather i hate the most in the year. It would mean getting up very early in the dark in the morning and running outdoors and training again in the cold of the evening. So, achieving this goal would take some doing! But i REALLY want to achieve it at least once in my lifetime.
I think i may have to join a running/training club to achieve this goal, but i think this is the year i’m going to give it a real shot.
Sometimes goals take a long time to achieve…make a plan and never give up!

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