Schoolhouse Tunic – making the toile

schoolhouse tunic tile front packet pic

Friends, two blog posts in a matter of day; don’t fall off your seats in shock! I have found a spare bit of blogging mojo.  Of late, I’ve been learning the ins and outs of stretch knit sewing and for someone who has been scared to sew knits, it’s been quite a successful sewing journey. I have mastered knickers so well that I no longer own any commercially made undies! I have also made two long sleeve tee shirts that I really like wearing – I plan on making more. But before I get to making more long sleeved tee’s, I am taking a detour back to the world of woven fabrics to make this Sew Liberated offering. I’ve had the Schoolhouse Tunic pattern for at least a year now and haven’t done anything other than cut the pattern out.

Today, I cut out a toile from an old bed sheet and began sewing.

schoolhouse tunic toile front bodice & facings

The two front bodice panels with facings are pretty straight forward. I sewed a 5/8″ seam from the shoulder to the high waist. The facing top shoulder edge isn’t attached to the bodice at this time…I have to mention something here; I’m not feeling very confident about the facing and back neck facing techniques.

schoolhouse tunic toile neck binding

As you can see in this diagram above: the back neck is finished with a bias strip. In the diagram below the bias strip is folded down over the neck edge and sewn down. At no time does the back bias and the front facings attach together. I’m going to sew the tunic as directed with the toile but if I don’t like the method (and I suspect I won’t) I will be drafting a 3 piece facing that sews together and then is attached as one piece to the joined front and back bodices.

schoolhouse tunic toile instructions


Tomorrow I attach the neck bias strip and then move onto joining the shoulders.

I’ll keep you updated on this project: until next time, have a fabulous day.

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