Shopping Tote Prototype

Happy New Year!

What were you doing on day one of 2018? I was cutting out the fabric I printed on New Years Eve and sewing up a tote prototype. This bag project will be two or three totes, rolled up and stored in a printed zipped pouch so it’s easy to find a shopping tote in your handbag when needed; all ready for Queensland’s plastic shopping bag ban that is being rolled out this year.

The hand printed tote has strong French seams, a large loop at the top centre to hook over the shopping bag frames at the checkout and a snap closing feature that ties up the tote when it’s rolled up.

I like the tote so far, but I’m not in love with it; I have decided to adjust the pattern so that the handles are longer allowing the user to carry it on the shoulder with comfort as well as hold it in the hand. Can you see my mistake??? I don’t think i’ve ever done a sewing project and not made a mistake; I sewed the wrong handle ends together hahaha The two sets of handles on the same side of the tote should be joined together! I have already unpicked them and they’re ready to resew.

This will be a multi element project with this bag style being the first element; next to design the zippered pouch!

Happy New Year

I hope 2018 is filled with love, laughter and creativity!





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