Simplicity 2823 – Vintage Layette Sewing Pattern

simplicity 2823


Friends, I can barely contain my excitement! It’s not often I find a vintage layette sewing pattern than I’ve never seen before…but there’s always an exception to the rule and today I present to you the exception.

Simplicity 2823 from 1959

Behold! Look at views 1 and 2 – the dress & gown are divine. The pattern has yet to arrive; there was a bit of a kerfuffle with it. The seller sent the wrong pattern. Butterick 6245 arrived instead – I have several version of this pattern already, but the envelope is slightly different to the others that I have; it’s a 1960s reprint and the  price differs to the one I already have.

I REALLY hope that Simplicity 2823 arrives complete and with the transfer sheet intact. Once upon a time I used to just hope the transfer sheet was included and still intact; these days I more often than not hope that the pattern is complete given the amount of them I’ve had arrive incomplete.

Fingers crossed all my hopes are realised; i’ll let you know how it is when it arrives…

2 thoughts on “Simplicity 2823 – Vintage Layette Sewing Pattern

  1. Oooo..yes..likey very much!! Tell me…does this eclipse the boundless excitement of previous heart throbbing pattern you love so much!! You know…so much to do and so little time!!!

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