Stencilled Hearts & an Iwata Compressor


Food Friends, I’ve been having all manner of problems with an eBay seller from whom I recently purchased an 1/6 horsepower airbrush compressor. Suffice to say, I have now requested a full refund after I was sent the incorrect item. Over the past 6 months I have purchased two air pump machines which worked okay but weren’t spectacular when using sheens for decorating cookies. This time round, I decided to purchase a true air compressor. In the cookie decorating world, the words ‘compressor’ and ‘air pump’ are commonly interchanged which is a total mis-use of the terms. It’s not unusual for an air pump to be referred to as a compressor, but I can assure you they are two different beasts. The dreaded eBay seller sent me yet another air pump despite their picture and the specs for the item saying it was an air compressor.

This, my friends is an airbrush compressor with a spray gun attached. I decided to purchase an Iwata. It works like a dream; no bouncing or huge vibrating like some of the air pumps tend to do. I have a decent level of working pressure which I can regulate by the black dial near the dial face. I have purchased a ‘quick release’ set that has a pressure control dial which means I can regulate the pressure at the spray gun end rather than the at the compressor. An airbrush compressor typically has a moisture trap; it’s located under the pressure dial which is at the end of the compressor where the black hose attaches to it. Because our current home has evaporative cooling as our only cooling source, I have purchased another moisture trap which attaches to the base of the airbrush: if moisture gets into your air tube and then blows through the airbrush your finish will be affected.


I wanted to test out the airbrush compressor as soon as it arrived; so I did the preliminary set-up and then put up my sophisticated airbrush studio. Don’t try to recreate this set-up at home kids: it’s a super complex arrangement haha


I had some pre-flooded cookies on hand – so I grabbed a few stencils, the Stencil Genie, a couple of sheen Amerimist colours and off I went.


These rectangle cookies will undergo another stencil method as soon as my Easter stencils arrive. I’m very excited about Easter cookies; I’ve got several designs worked out.


Okay kids, that’s all for today; my lesson on the confusion surrounding airbrush compressors and airbrush pumps for cookiers is complete LOL.

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