Stencilled Hearts & an Iwata Compressor


Food Friends, I’ve been having all manner of problems with an eBay seller from whom I recently purchased an 1/6 horsepower airbrush compressor. Suffice to say, I have now requested a full refund after I was sent the incorrect item. Over the past 6 months I have purchased two air pump machines which worked okay but weren’t spectacular when using sheens for decorating cookies. This time round, I decided to purchase a true air compressor. In the cookie decorating world, the words ‘compressor’ and ‘air pump’ are commonly interchanged which is a total mis-use of the terms. It’s not unusual for an air pump to be referred to as a compressor, but I can assure you they are two different beasts. The dreaded eBay seller sent me yet another air pump despite their picture and the specs for the item saying it was an air compressor.

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Let Them Eat Biscuit/Cookie

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Foodie Friends it’s been busy in the SuziWong kitchen these past few weeks; Primarily I’ve been baking for a family engagement…don’t get excited – it’s an extended family engagement. Neither Misses 23 or 26 are marriage inclined at this point in time. That said, when we do finally get to celebrate our own children’s engagements I’m looking forward to baking bespoke cookies for them. Continue reading »