Tomatoes; baby lemons, mosaics and chillies

Whilst doing our usual weekly shop at Central Markets i spotted boxes of wonderfully ripe, fresh small tomatoes. I bought two boxes. Each are 10kg and were $10. I got 9 bottles of sauce out of the first box which works out to cost $1.10 each bottle. With the second box i’m going to make: pizzaola sauce; basil sugo pasta sauce and a oregana & basil pasta sauce

I made up some nifty labels for all of the bottled items that i’m making with the tomatoes.

My Myer lemon has had a baby! i’m soooo excited. Now there are two lemons on the tree.

The red cherry chillies are growing at an astounding rate. I’ve got plans for the crop which is prolific: freezing; salsa; and chilli powder. This is the first chilli from the bush since it has matured enough to fruit. Nigel is just about to eat it with dinner; i’ll let you know what he thinks of it since i’m not the chilli eater!!

The mosaic is coming along really well. i got bored doing all the orange trunk so i moved on to the red fruit and green leaves.

Chloe arrived in Munich in the wee hours of last night. She said it was snowing and very beautiful. Chloe will be travelling close to where i was born: Rinteln. It’s a very odd feeling having my daughter travelling close to where i was born! LOL
Will let you all know where she is as she travels.

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