Vintage Linens

vintage doillie - hemstitch swirl w spring colours

Friends, the past week has seen my vintage linen pile grow like a pimple on a pubescent face! I only hope my linen pile doesn’t burst like a pimple too! I know it’s not a very nice simile, but I’m not surprised it came to mind considering how many times I’ve found myself in ‘that’ part of YouTube of late.  This particular doily is one of my favourites; the spring flowers are so cute.

vintage doillie - elipses spring colours with two hemstitch rows

I particularly like the shape of this one…not to mention the hemstitch rows. The edge embroidery is damaged in one area, but it’s minimal.

 large dresser doillie - tray liner. autumn hues

I love the autumn colours of this dressing table doily; it’s quite large and the perfect size to be used as a tray liner. It will be especially useful when I have my Downton Abby afternoon teas!

 small round vintage doillie - spring colours

Sometimes ‘simple’ speaks loudly. It’s a very sweet and simple design but very effective.

 vintage long white runner

This design is one of many on a rather long table runner – it’s about 1.8m long! The embroidery is lovely.

 vintage long white runner

Each of the four corners has a basket posy – there are a couple of small holes in the centre of the runner, but they’re hardly noticeable and certainly don’t detract from the piece.

 vintage doilley - black Art Deco design

Oh my goodness, when I saw this one I nearly swallowed my tongue – I adore Art Deco and this one screams it loud and clear. It will look fabulous with my Orange Tree china design.

 vintage white tatted lace doiley

Folks, you know how much I love tatted lace since I have recently taught myself to tat a simple lace edge. This one doesn’t disappoint.

 vintage doily - orange sunburst

Just set your eyeballs on this orange sunburst – it’s fetchingly delightful.

 vintage doiley - orange climber

Readers, I leave you with this lovely little orange climbing vine – isn’t it just darling? That’s a rhetorical question – you don’t need to answer because we all know it is just darling!

Do you like vintage linen and does it give you a thrill to give it a new lease on life? I adore using it in any way I can without cutting it up and repurposing it. I don’t mind cutting and repurposing linen that has been damaged but the thought of killing perfectly useful linen gives me the shivers.

Is there any vintage linens in your linen press folks? Do tell me…

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