The Great Mt Everest Climb or Finding the Steam to Finish the Sewing Room Project

oh the shame #2

Friends, this picture was taken on the 4th of October; day 1 of ‘The great sewing room adventure’.  I have moved, stacked, packed, sorted, ditched, removed, constructed, res-tacked and re-sorted more times than I care to count. It might be hyperbole to liken my adventure to climbing Mt Everest but that’s the best way I can describe it. I started out highly motivated that my adventure would bring me a sense of achievement: I’ve dragged myself up to Base Camp and have completed the required altitude acclimation and now…all that’s left is to conquer the Summit! It’s at this point that my adventure is less of an adventure and more of a stone around my neck.

 sewing room 2 31/10

This is my ‘Base Camp’…the desk that will eventually become an IKEA hack project and transform into a mobile cutting island with a raised top and storage underneath. At the moment it’s a little like Cinderella – not quite ready for the ball, a bit defeated, but also a tad hopeful that somehow all her dreams of transforming into something beautiful will come to fruition. Apart from the boxes with some ‘work in progress’ projects and the 1970s dressmakers mannequin (which I fear will need to be ditched as there is no room for her), this is a somewhat functioning cutting area.

 sewing room 31/10

Directly behind me, when I’m sitting at the desk, is my sewing cabinet…which will also undergo an IKEA hack. I am considering buying an IKEA Ingo table and hacking it to make a hybrid IKEA/Horn sewing table that works better for me; I’m a tall gal folks and these pre-made sewing cabinets just don’t work for me. As you can see in the picture, if i found a permanent home for the pink box (filled with quilting batting offcuts) moved a couple of bits and pieces I would be more or less ready for sewing.

 sewing room 5 31/10

At the end of the sewing table is the PAX robe – filled. All that remains is to sort that plastic box of fabric remnants on the floor into the ‘craft fabric’ wire drawer and then sort out the sliding doors. I have decided not to spent a large amount of money and buy the fancy IKEA sliding doors; instead I am buying the cheapest base-model doors (white melamine) and will decorate them in a more personal manner. This will be a project unto itself friends…I am going to use chalk-paint to colour the two doors and then stencil a design on the front. I am considering a French theme. A chalk-paint workshop has been booked and paid for at a store called Brocante in the Barossa (i’ll tell you all about it in a few weeks).

 sewing room 3 31/10

This is the messiest part of the room. At the left you can see the very end of the Singer sewing cabinet that is being sold, as is the sewing machine that’s in it: A 1980’s Janome Combi 10 – a fabulously hardy metal sewing machine that has a two reel overlocker (serger) on the other side! Next to the sewing cabinet is my vintage Singer stool which will either sit under the treadle cabinet or the other walnut cabinet I am keeping. On top of the stool is a basket of ‘stuff’.  It’s not sewing related…it’s games, love letters from when MrSW and I were engaged and living in separate states, long long ago old camera films that I didn’t get developed and some folders. It probably wouldn’t take much to sort through it and find homes for the ‘stuff’, but I’ve just lost steam.

 sewing room 4 31/10

Here is the other end of the Horn sewing cabinet – The Besta unit now has six drawers which house my vintage pattern collection and the few modern patterns I have. In front of the drawers is the vintage walnut sewing cabinet that I am keeping even though I don’t really have the room for it. It’s currently in the process of being sanded ready to be chalk-painted. It will eventually house this machine >

 class 15 japanese clone in cabinet

My mother’s (now mine) Class 15 Japanese clone: it’s a visual delight!

 class 15 japanese clone face plate close up

The face plate is divine!

Oh Readers…I am so easily distracted…I have digressed to faffing on about vintage sewing machines; you should know better than to start me on THAT topic of conversation. Let’s get back on track to discussing my proverbial trek up the sewing room mountain or we may find ourselves lost in the cold unforgiving almost-done sewing-room mountain environment!

As you can see, nearly everything has a new home or a temporary home – only a few things really need to be moved out and ditched or stored elsewhere in the house. But my energy level for this mountainous project is waning and it really needs to be waxing as there is the hack projects and the decorating still to do. I’m sitting at my provervial Base Camp wondering how I’m going to muster the enthusiasm to actually claw my way to the Summit. Albeit my use of the sewing room won’t be as brief as a visit to the Mt Everest Summit, but I’m still dithering here in my ‘some what ready for sewing’ sewing room!

Friends, I need help…I’m not one to ask for help – it’s just not in my nature. But today, I beg your help. Can YOU be my mountain guide and get me to The Summit???

I SO want to stand at the Summit and wave my victory flag!

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