Potted garden update

baby curry leaf tree

Writing my thesis is driving me nutty.  I had ordered a curry leaf tree from Daley’s Tropical fruit tree nursery in northern NSW and it arrived yesterday looking lovely!  See my last post where I introduced the new arrival which I’ve named Indira (explanation in last post! LOL)

Then this morning a small package arrived marked “fragile”…i was wondering what the hell I had ordered online that was “fragile”…well low and behold when I opened the package this little baby was inside; pot wrapped in plastic and jammed tight with shredded newspaper.  What I think happened was when I was looking on Daley’s website it said that they were out of stock but could register to get an email when stock arrived.  I then found Paradise nursery and ordered this one.  I vaguely remember getting a text last week from an unknown sender that said go to Daley’s website to get your curry leaf tree.  I think I assumed that it was Paradise emailing me with details of where to order one from because they were out of stock.  I assumed this because I’ve had a shocking time trying to find curry leaf trees….well…no harm done!  This little cutie will be put outside in the shade to ‘harden up’ and then will be re-potted on the weekend.  Since I named the other curry leaf tree Indira, i thought I should name this one too…I don’t want to start any sibling rivalry!  She is so tiny it looks like Indira (the ‘curry leaf tree’ variety, not the ‘Indira Naidoo’ variety) had a baby, so i’ll just call her baby…”no body puts baby in a corner”…in honour of Patrick Swayze and THAT line the the movie Dirty Dancing.  The pot garden is looking brilliant at the moment.

The roma tomato vine is fruiting…only two so far!

roma babies

The three chilli plants are doing really well.  This one is the smaller of the three, but it’s flowering quite a bit and I think it’s using all it’s energy to flower rather than grow.

small chilli 12 nov09

The second lot of basil that i planted is looking fabulous…so green an lush!  Apart from being nibbled by an anonymous guest it’s doing really well.

strong basil

In contrast, the first basil that i planted this year is doing awfully…I have no idea why…even the two leftover basil sticks from last year’s crop is doing better than the newly planted 09 crop!!!

weak basil

 The thyme is growing like you wouldn’t believe.  A few months ago, it jumped pots and I got a whole other pot of thyme for the price of the original!  So, I’m encouraging it to take root in this little wooden barrel for my eldest daughter.  She mentioned last week that she’d like to start up a pot herb garden at her share-house.  So, I’m going to help out by propagating what I can and purchasing other things when I’m at the nursery getting stuff for myself.

propogating thyme 12nov09

This is the dwarf Myer lemon…I’ve had a few issues with something laying eggs in the flowers, which then hatched into tiny bright green caterpillars that could eat like someone that’s been on a hunger strike!  Unfortunately, the flowers turned into fruit and the grubs ate their way into the fruit…I save what I could but there’s been lots of casualties!  Anyways, it’s started to flower again and this time i’m watching closely to make sure the grubs don’t get out of hand.  For some reason both of the trees are losing fruit…they just turn yellow and drop off.

dwarf myer 12 nov

Aren’t citrus flowers just beautiful?  I adore the smell…..watch out for bees when you bend into citrus trees tho…You could get a nasty shock!

dwarf lemon flowers 12nov09

The Italian parsley is going wild!  for that matter so is the curly leaf variety…I’m going to have to move the Italian variety so it gets a little more shade as it’s wilting by the days end during this early heatwave we’re having.

curly leaf parsley 12nov09

These are the Don Bourke variety of tomatoes that I’ve planted this year.  It’s a healthy looking vine and the fruit is taking off!

baby toms don bourke variety

The cos lettuce is looking good.  I planted 6 but only 4 survived.  I’m thinking of getting another tub full going so we have lots of fresh leaves during summer.

baby cos

Last week I put up one of those cheap external shade tent things…It had a weak frame that you slot together and then attach a green canvas ‘tent top’.  I got it put up (in damn hot weather mind you LOL) and decided that it would only take one gust of wind to bend all the poles even if they were tethered!  So I pulled it apart, threw away the tent poles and draped it over the old hills hoist we have out the back.  It doesn’t fit the hoist perfectly but well enough to give the potted garden plenty of shade during this heat wave. 

So dear readers?  What have you planted this year?  How’s it’s all growing?  If you haven’t yet planted, what do you plan to grow?

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