Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and iPad Technology in the Sewing Room and Other Places.

mamie janes ipad stand

image source: Mamie Jane’s

Friends, a few months ago I spied this fabulous DIY project on Pinterest by Jane from Mamie Jane’s blog. Jane’s blog images had been pinned and in a blink of an eye her DIY iPad stand made its way on to my feed.  Her’s was inspired by a Pottery Barn chopping board iPad stand, but we don’t have PB here in Australia, so I wasn’t likely to ever come across one. Thank goodness for Pinterest!

I started with a vintage cutting board in a paddle shape

 cutting board DIY iPad stand

 We screwed and wood-glued a wooden wedge (in two places) to the back. I was lucky enough to have a bag full of wedges in the shed – believe it or not all of our kindling for the outside wood burner oven is cut in wedges! Talk about convenient!

  adding a wedge to the back DIY cutting board iPad stand

We screwed the screws in from the front, counter-sunk them and then used a small amount of filler to fill up the holes. A short time later I sanded them flat.

 counter sunk screws

I bought the wooden Scrabble tile rack on Ebay and then glued it on. I was a little worried that glue wouldn’t hold so I nailed in some very slim notched wood nails and then used a centre punch to get the nail head right into the wood so I could fill it with a little wood filler.

 ipad stand scrabble tile tray

Next I mixed in equal parts of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Old White and Emperor’s Silk to get a deep pink hue. I painted this layer with good equal coverage. I forgot to take a picture of the pink layer but you can see it in parts here.

 iPad stand pink

Then I painted ASCP Duck Egg Blue  all over the layer of pink and  when it was dry gave it a good coverage of AS clear wax and buffed it well. Then when the wax was dry I distressed the edges gently with sandpaper.

I gave the piece a gentle touch up withe AS dark wax to age it.

I left it to cure for 24 hours and voila…I was ready to use my iPad in the sewing room or the kitchen…if I use it in the kitchen I will need to find a stylus solution so that I don’t touch it with sticky messy fingers.

 ipad stand complete

I keep forgetting to add a loop of twine in the top hole of the stand.

I think it turned out really well; what do you think?

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