Baby You Can Drive My Car


Friends, last week Mr SuziWong and I attended a vintage themed wedding, so this cookie is perfectly timed!  This cutter is huge; you could feed an army with a cookie cut from it…or more appropriately you could feed the wedding reception guests with it.

I’m not sure I would recommend using it as a wedding favour for guests, but I would certainly recommend it for a feature of a cookie display on a reception dessert table. It’s the perfect accompaniment for a vintage style wedding!

“Where did you get the cutter from?”, did I hear you ask? Well, I won’t keep you in suspense any longer. I purchased this from ecrandal in the USA. I will warn you, they aren’t cheap. There’s a good reason for this; each cutter is hand made to a very high standard using copper. You are paying for what you get: extremely high quality workmanship and materials. In fact, ecrandal’s state that their cookies are made with such high standards because they design them with the thought that the cutters will be passed down to the next generation; heirloom cutters. I can’t tell you how much I like that idea.

To make and decorate this cookie you will need:

‘Just Married Car B’ cutter from ecrandal

your favourite cookie dough for cut cookies

black flood royal icing

white flood royal icing

black stiff royal icing

red flood royal icing

red stiff royal icing

white petal dust

Rolkem super silver dust

Vodka or 95% alcohol

paint brushes (food safe) 1 x small flat tip and 1 x small pointy tip

disposable piping bags

piping bag ties, elastics or clips to close the bag

#3 round piping tip

#2 round piping tip

#1 round piping tip

scribe tool

boo boo stick

small basting brush or other stiff bristled brush (to brush crumbs off the cookie)

What I did:

Bake the cookie and let it cool before you begin decorating.  If your cookies suffer from butter bleed, paint a 1:1 mix of sugar:water syrup over the cookie and let dry completely. This coating will stop any butter from bleeding through to the royal icing and ruining the look of your cookie. When you heat up the syrup resist the urge to stir the pot; DON’T STIR. Leave it alone so the sugar dissolves. If you stir, it will coat the sides of the pot with the syrup and will then crystallise and fall back into your syrup.

Use the scribe to scrape the shape of the back window, the sign, the rear lights and the bumper bar, onto the cookie. When you have an outline you’re happy with, use the basting brush to brush away any crumbs or crystallised syrup; the cookie MUST be crumb free.

Using the #3 tip, flood the entire car body with black flood consistency royal icing, making sure to leave the back window, the sign, the rear lights and the bumper bar free of icing. Leave it to dry under a fan or a dehydrator to encourage a sheen.

Using the #3 tip and the white consistency flood icing to fill in the rear window, the sign and the bumper bar.  You can set it aside to dry and complete the rear lights later or go ahead and do the lights now. Using a #3 tip and white flood consistency royal icing, flood the rear lights. Then, using a #3 tip and red flood consistency royal icing, ice a line of red in the middle of the white flood. Use your scribe tool to tease the red icing out into a wide longer line similar to rear lights on older style cars. Set aside to dry.

Using the #1 tip and black stiff consistency icing, pipe the words “just married” onto the rear sign. Mix a small amount of Rolkem Super Silver dust with a little of the alcohol; paint the rear bumper bar silver using the flat tip brush. Add more alcohol to the silver dust if the alcohol begins to evaporate before you are finished. This will dry quite quickly thanks to the evaporation of the alcohol.

Mix a small amount of white petal dust with the alcohol; using the pointy tip brush, carefully paint on the zig-zag tyre tread. Set aside to dry.

Using the #2 tip and the black stiff consistency royal icing, over pipe around the rear window, the sign, the rear bumper and the outline of the car and the typres. Leave to dry. You can pipe around the rear lights: I didn’t do it on this cookie but I did do it on another car cookie that I decorated on the same day.

Using either the #2 or #3 tip and the red stiff consistency royal icing, pipe the hearts on the rear window. Leave to dry.

Voila! You are done!


Inspiration for this cookie came from the ecrandal website.

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