Bay Sausage Rollers, Roller Sausaging, Sausage Rolling!

So, here are some of the many sausages that were made last night! Tonight we cut them in half and peeled the casing off.
We used ready made puff pastry; mainly because of it’s ease.
The egg wash helps glue the pastry edges together and also give colour to the cooking sausage rolls.
Each pastry sheet was cut into 6 pieces.

The pastry rectangle was wrapped around each sausage half and then egg washed on the exposed end to glue it together. Any excess pastry was trimmed off.

Each sausage roll was scored on the top side.

Baking paper was used to line the two trays and they were cooked in a 220 degree centigrade oven. I don’t have a fan-forced oven so I raised the temp from 200 degrees to 220 degrees.

I had mine with Maggie Beer’s Cabernet sauce; which is delicious!

They were delicious!
Next, I will be making sausage curry with some of the rest of the sausages that were made.
See you then!

2 thoughts on “Bay Sausage Rollers, Roller Sausaging, Sausage Rolling!

  1. Hi Lorraine,
    we don't make them often; but when we do we usually make 2 or more kilos so we can make some sausage rolls, eat some as is, and make some into a traditional Indian sausage curry. Tonight we're having the sausage curry so i'll be bloggin the results soon.

  2. Wow home made sausages are such a treat and good idea making these into homemade sausage rolls 🙂

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