Birthday wants…

I have found what i want for my birthday…it’s a Horn quilt cabinet/table…not just any horn cabinet, but a special one for quilting. It’s awesome: take a gander.
I love the way that the companion cabinet slides away underneath the main unit. I also like the sewing position. You can sit ‘mid needle’ which is important when sewing.

I can only imagine how much of my threads and other equipment i can store in the companion cabinet. Look how the machine sits flush in the sewing table…that makes sewing soooooo much easier. My fabulous Pfaff machine would just love a ‘home’ like this! Even if i have to buy this table for myself for my birthday then i will LOL I’m getting $2400 for

the scholarship that i won…nice! I’ve started cleaning up my study so i can fit the cabinet in…a little wishful tidying up hahaha

xx sue

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