Blue Vintage Dress #1

blue home made mid cent vint dress web

Friends, I bought this mid century dress last year some time.  It needed a lot of work and I took it apart and began the restoration process.  It’s still in pieces in my heirloom sewing storage box – i’ll get it done eventually, but until that time, I thought it would be nice to share it.


Look at the three vertical rows of ladder hemstitch; I’m literally swooning readers – you all know how much i adore hemstitch.


Have a close look at the French seam – it needs work. Of course the dress will be used when I’m lucky enough to have grandbabies.


Look at that sweet scalloped collar; all hand embroidered!



And even more hand worked scallops – so teeny and all would have been worked in block; a process where all the embroidery is done before the cutting out process. All the pattern pieces and embroidery markings would have been traced/marked out first on the fabric. The embroidery would have been worked and then the pieces would have been cut out and constructed.

Some work has to be done in block, like the scallops above, but other embroidery can be worked after cutting out.

I’m definitely an ‘in block’ embroiderer! What’s your favourite folks; before or after cutting out your fabric?

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