Butterick 6609 – A dreamy little frock

butterick 6609


Friends, how dreamy is this little Butterick frock? The ‘T’ or ‘Y’ yoke is divine. I’m not even sure there is such a thing as a ‘Y’ yoke, but it’s not exactly a ‘T’ yoke as I would expect to see. The back  is even dreamy…an inverted box pleat. As you can see I’ve stepped out of the sewing room and left the mess behind to have a little e-shopping expedition.

While shopping, I also found this Advance 8218 layette pattern. It’s really utilitarian – which I really love.

 advance 8218

The pattern really focusses on all things bed-time for babies; a very practical approach. Notice that there is no embroidery on the garments or sheet turn-down? From a sociological perspective this pattern appears to be marketed to the less financially secure home sewist – the evidence for this conclusion comes from the lack of embellishment and the very practical nature of the garments and bedding.

advance 8218 back

Additionally, the suggested fabrics are very practical: “flannelette, soft cotton, challis, muslin, terry cloth, percale, plastic lining for panties, tri-plastic beutafilm.” There is an option to not only sew the sacque but to knit it. The receiving blanket is also knitted, but it appears to be a very simple stocking stitch rather than something more elaborate like a patterned shawl.

Folks, I quite like the layette pattern, but it’s the sweet little dress pattern that really floats my boat – a perfect addition to my Grandmother’s Hope Chest. I can imagine it made up in a sheer, mono-colour fabric and some lovely shadow embroidery  at the top of the yoke next to both sleeves. Perhaps two pretty little shadow embroidery blue birds or bows?

I have lots of time to explore the right embroidery embellishment for the dress as the pattern is a very recent purchase and won’t arrived for a few weeks yet. Until then, I’ll have to get focussed on finishing the bereavement bears that I am making.

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