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lady washington baby pearls circa 1920

It’s time to delve into the topic of vintage buttons friends…Y’all know I like to sew baby wear – some of it machine sewn and some hand sewn and nearly always vintage inspired, so it makes sense that I’d use vintage baby buttons on my vintage inspired baby/children’s wear.  The vast majority of my buttons are mother of pearl; I seriously seriously love MOP. These Lady Washington Baby Pearls carded buttons are just lovely. I’m guessing they’re from about the 1920s or 1940s judging by the artwork. As much as I love the buttons, it’s the artwork that is the best part of these buttons.

These cuty Luckyday very faded pink MOP buttons are from around the 1940’s – isn’t that baby as cute a button? [pun intended!] In 1940, a baby wearing blue would have been a girl!

 luckyday mop pink baby buttons circa 1940s

 Earlier this year, I hit MOP button paydirt with an Etsy find that I still can’t quite believe! I came across a seller who was selling blue and pink Lady Fashion MOP carded buttons in bulk. I saw the listing and messaged her about shipping rates and didn’t hear back from her for months. Then by the time I heard back she had decided to sell each card for abut $1 each. Normally, on Etsy these cards range from $5 to $12 each; needless to say I bought her entire stock. This is about 2/3’s of the blue cards.

 lady fashion blue mop circle display

There weren’t quite as many of the pink cards, but still plenty of them.

 lady fashion pearls pink circle display

The colour variation of the Lady Fashion baby pearls is quite pronounced.

 lady fashion blue mop arc display

They have faded over the sixty or so years since they were made, but that doesn’t detract from their beauty.

 lady pearl baby pearls pink row presentation

These Lady Washington Baby Pearls are later than the ones  at the top of the post; from somewhere around the 1950s or 60s. The artwork colour is much more deep and powerful in comparison to the earlier older button card.

 lady washington pearls circa 1950s

These sweet Bluebird buttons have a very 1950s feel to them.

 bluebird baby buttons blue card

These yellow Blue Bonnet buttons look to be from around the 1940s – 50s. The playsuit that the baby is wearing is very much a 1940’s garment.

 Blue Bonnet ABC pearl baby buttons yellow carded

 These darling buttons aren’t MOP, but heck, they’re so sweet I didn’t care. The artwork is very much 1940’s – 50’s.

 Baby Buttons pink card

 These ones aren’t MOP either but again, I don’t care – the colour is soft and perfect for baby clothes. Most importantly they are, small.

 fashion mode pink 5/8 inch #12 card

Most of the buttons are around 6-7mm in diameter. I rarely purchase baby buttons bigger than 9mm.


I’m also partial of milk glass buttons…I have nowhere near as many milk glass as MOP.

 milk glass size

Some are on cards and some aren’t.

 milk glass baby buttons

But all, are lovely and old.

 LeChic milk glass

Kids, I’ve got way too many buttons to share in one blog post and let’s be frank…two blog posts on vintage buttons would  send even me to sleep! So if you want to peruse the rest of my buttons feel free to flick through my vintage buttons Flickr album.

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