Cannelloni with homemade ricotta cheese

This is the ricotta cheese I made with Jersey milk.

I blanched some spinach and then mixed it in with 600g of ricotta and a good pinch of nutmeg and ground pepper.

It was so easy pipping the cheese mixture into the cannelloni tubes.

I made sure to put a little sauce in the bottom of the dish so the cannelloni didn’t stick.

Here’s all the cannelloni covered in sauce.

I love buffalo mozzarella and get a few tubs each week. They are kept in the freezer so I always have some at hand for pizza and other dishes.

I put a baking paper cartouche over the food and tucked in the edges. This is done so that the steam does not escape and the moisture is kept in the food.

Finally foil is wrapped around the dish so that as little steam as possible can escape. I was so hungry by the time dinner was cooked, I forgot to take pictures. Everybody loved it and there is enough left over for lunches.

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