Paneer – Indian Cheese

What can I say that would make you happy to make and eat paneer?  Coz, seriously it looks like something the cat chucked up!  Granted it looks awful, but when cooked into a  matar paneer curry it’s fabulous.  If you’re a vegetarian or cooking for vegetarians and are stumped at what to cook, then look no further because once you’ve breezed your way through making paneer you can whip up a matar paneer to serve….I swear you’ll have accrued mega brownie points.

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Middle Eastern gourmet delights for the eternally lazy or just plain broke!

labna in bowl_watermark

 The year before last I was shopping at a very upmarket deli and discovered labna…it was infused with garlic and rosemary sprigs…Seriously it was to die for!  The price however, wasn’t to die for…unless of course you planned to starve for the rest of the week til next payday and eat only labna.  It was $35 a kg…

But where there’s a will there’s a way…it’s very easy to make and a heck of a lot cheaper than buying.

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Strawberry Ice Cream is Yummy even in Winter!

strawberry icrecreamHere in Australia, it’s winter but even during winter I like ice cream. I just rug up when eating it! I made some chocolate ice cream the other day but I wasn’t happy with it. It set really hard and was icy when served. I’m careful to store my ice cream in air-tight containers. In fact i only store ice cream in glass loaf shaped containers so that there is no smell or taste residue from other food items.
During Easter my daughters spend a few days in Melbourne with their Langford Grandparents and their Aunty Hazel. Hazel is a great cook, without exception. Hazel sent the girls back on the plane with a container of chocolate ice cream that she had made. It was Awesome!!! So light and moussy and chocolately.

Voila..Jersey Milk Ricotta Cheese

Here’s the final product of my night of cheese making…lovely firm, fresh ricotta cheese. I like the idea of being able to make it myself. I used rennet tablets but I also have a recipe that uses citric acid. I’ve used citric acid for preserving before and it leaves a less than pleasant taste in the produce. I’ll have a try of making ricotta with citric acid just to see how it turns out. I’ll be using this cheese to make spinach and ricotta cannellonni for Monday night’s dinner…YUM!
xx S

Ricotta Cheese Making Please

This is the ricotta cheese after it’s been heated and the salt and rennet has been added. I scooped out the curds and then put them in muslin to drain.
The look rather unappealing don’t they? They smelled really creamy though.This is them draining on the kitchen table. I’ll let them drain overnight and then put the cheese into bowls covered with plastic wrap in the fridge. I’m going to make cannelloni with them. I’ll mix them with spinach and use them to stuff the pasta. It will probably be Monday nights dinner. I have some more full cream milk in the outside fridge and i’ll probably make mozzarella with that one.
Catch you all later, S