Shopping Tote Prototype

Happy New Year!

What were you doing on day one of 2018? I was cutting out the fabric I printed on New Years Eve and sewing up a tote prototype. This bag project will be two or three totes, rolled up and stored in a printed zipped pouch so it’s easy to find a shopping tote in your handbag when needed; all ready for Queensland’s plastic shopping bag ban that is being rolled out this year.

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To-ing and Fro-ing – Jalie 3130 and McCall’s M6044


Friends, I’ve been on the hunt for shirt patterns for Miss22 and when I came across the Jalie shirt I confess I clicked the ‘buy’ button immediately…along with a vintage reproduction 1940s dress pattern that I know will look spectacular on Miss25. But first things first. I wanted a shirt pattern that had masculine attributes and feminine shape. Miss22 likes her shirts to be fitted and have a collar and collar stand. When this Jalie pattern arrived I thought I had ticked all the boxes…but sadly it ain’t so.

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My Favourite Places in Paris

objets de notre memoire paris

Friends, it’s been a whole year since I came back from nearly a month in Europe – Berlin and Paris were my two destinations. It’s about time I shared some of what I saw and found. My very favourite place that I went to was in Paris – a little store I found on a blog before I left and I was excited to visit. It’s called Objets de notre Memoire on rue St Paul in the Marai area. Loosely translated it means object in our memory.

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The Cutting Table Hack

sewing table top on


Friends, do you remember way back in October 2013 when I began ‘The Great Sewing Room Project’? No?…well I don’t blame you, it was a while ago.  Here’s the first post I did on that stage of the sewing room project. One of my biggest wishes was to make a super duper mobile cutting table with some serious storage. Well, two weeks ago, Mr SuziWong and I finally started The Great Cutting Table Hack.

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Fine Machine Sewing Challenge

fine machine sewing front cover

Friends, this book arrived in my mailbox today…well actually the postie left it on the ground next to the post box, but hey, I still got it so it’s okay, right?

It’s Fine Machine Sewing by Carol Laflin Ahles and it’s jam packed with some great sewing techniques that aren’t too mainstream. In fact many of them come under the banner of heirloom sewing. I’ve wanted this book for ages, but trying to get a copy in Australia hasn’t been easy; it’s been a popular book since it’s initial publication.  This version is the completely revised and updated edition and I ordered the first edition too; so I could take it apart and have it set into clear protective pockets and put into a folder. On her website, Carol Laflin Ahles, suggests buying the outdated copy so you can take it apart to use it as a working reference book with your completed samples.  So i’m taking a leaf from Carol’s book and doing just that. Continue reading »

Schoolhouse Tunic – making the toile

schoolhouse tunic tile front packet pic

Friends, two blog posts in a matter of day; don’t fall off your seats in shock! I have found a spare bit of blogging mojo.  Of late, I’ve been learning the ins and outs of stretch knit sewing and for someone who has been scared to sew knits, it’s been quite a successful sewing journey. I have mastered knickers so well that I no longer own any commercially made undies! I have also made two long sleeve tee shirts that I really like wearing – I plan on making more. But before I get to making more long sleeved tee’s, I am taking a detour back to the world of woven fabrics to make this Sew Liberated offering. I’ve had the Schoolhouse Tunic pattern for at least a year now and haven’t done anything other than cut the pattern out. Continue reading »

Butterick 6464

Butterick 6464 (possibly 1953)

Friends, before I board my plane on Friday, I thought i’d share this lovely old gal that arrived recently. Butterick 6464’s envelope is in a sad and sorry state and desperately needs some archival tape, but the pattern is in a good condition. Sadly the smocking and embroidery transfer is missing but that’s often the case with these old patterns.

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Bon Voyage

eiffel tower


Friends, on Friday night, I’ll be boarding a plane alone to meet Mr Suziwong in Berlin (He arrived in Paris at lunch time today for a week long work course) where we will spend 9 days with Miss24. Then we will both hop on an Air Berlin plane and spend two weeks in Paris. I am excited and simultaneously anxious.

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