Cinderelly Is In Da House

baby drawers facelift 6

Friends, if you’ve been wondering about my absence from the blogosphere…wonder no more. I am back and ready to confess. I’ve been busy…yup; it’s as simple as that. I was Spring cleaning and repurposing furniture like a mad women who forgot to take her HRT! Remember when I went to the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint TM workshop a few weeks ago? I’ve been painting ever since.

I took these sad drawers that have been sitting in our shed for the past eight years and aptly named them Cinderelly! I bought them in 1987 for a mere $19 at a second hand depot. When I got them home I started stripping layers and layers and layers of paint away. I kid you not…there were more than 12 layers of paint. Then when the last of the paint was stripped, I found a layer of contact on the top. I pulled that off to reveal a nice BIG hole! So the next job was to replace the top with a piece of ply which I then filled with wood filler to get a nice smooth surface to paint on.

baby drawers facelift 8


I was on a budget and had very little knowledge of refinishing furniture; I replaced the old handles with these ugly plastic numbers  😯 And added some of those paint transfers that were very popular in the 1980’s. They were used for both Misses 24 and 21 when they were babies. When the girls got their own bedrooms, Miss24 took ownership as she was the first baby I made them for. Eventually the girls grew out of them and they went into the shed – I am rather sentimental and couldn’t let them go.

As you can see, at some point I started sanding them…and then they went back into the shed unfinished.

The great thing about Annie Sloan Chalk Paint TM is that you don’t need to sand unless the surface is unstable and chipping off. Parts of the old paint was chipping off so i did sand those bits. You also don’t need to prime with ASCP TM.

baby drawers facelift 7

I did a layer or two of Old White and then about three coats of Duck Egg Blue to get full coverage. I like full coverage; not everyone does though. Some people like the under layer showing through. Then I gave them a coat of clear wax and sanded back in places to create a distressed look.

Then I took to it with a little bit of dark wax to create depth and a feeling of age.

baby drawers facelift 9

This time round, I splurged on metal hardware and went to my local restoration outlet so that I could purchase good quality retro handles. The hardware cost more than double the price I paid for the drawers!

I think the investment was worth it; the drawers have a new purpose in our family – they welcome you at the front door and are the perfect place to put a vase of fresh cut flowers. The cute sheep platter on the left is for MrSW to put his keys when he gets home. The current picture is my folks and I made the wash bowl and pitcher and stitched the embroideries on the top and above the chest of drawers ages and ages ago.

Baby drawers facelift 6


Y’all know how much I like to toot my own horn…Imma tootin’

Whaddaya think?

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