Who’s your main squeeze?

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The humble lemon squeezer, I’m happy to say, has competition! And quite frankly if i were a traditional lemon squeezer, i’d be shaking my kitchen cupboard right about now! These are the new generation of cast citrus squeezers.  I bought, Miss Lemon first, about a year ago now, after seeing it on a popular daytime tv show. She didn’t disappoint the $20 + postage price tag. Soon after I bought her sister Miss Lime, at a local cookware shop for around $14. More recenty i bought Misses Lemon and Lime’s big brother, Mr Orange, for $20 at another local cookware store.

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Normally with a citrus squeezer you would press the fruit down into the ‘dome’ part. With this gadget, you put the cut face of the fruit facing the holes and then squeeze the two handles together. The ‘dome’ part squeezes the juice out. I like that i can squeeze directly into a pot on the stove. I don’t have to squeeze over on the bench and then bring the juice over to the pot on the stove.

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Misses Lemon and Lime and Mister Orange are hardy kitchen gadgets and worth their larger price tickets in comparison to their traditional plastic counteparts. Their unique colours make them easy to find in my tragically full and messy gadget drawer.

So dear readers,

what kind of citrus squeezers do you have in your kitchen?

Who’s your main squeeze?

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4 thoughts on “Who’s your main squeeze?

  1. Hiya, the lemon one will be fine for limes…the only problems i had was when i was doing very large lemons…it doesn’t like larger fruit than it can hold but does fine with smaller fruit. I think i does better with smaller fruit because it has room to squish it down flat and wide….with 25% off at Target this week sounds fabulous; treat your self!

  2. Thanks for your response! They are on sale this week at 25% off at Target. Do you think I could buy the lemon one and squeeze limes in there even though limes are smaller? Does it matter if the fruit doesn’t touch the sides?

  3. Hi Rilsta,
    yeah, in my opinion they do get more juice out than a traditional hand juicer and with much less effort. I’m wondering if it is because the force comes from both sides squeezing inward rather than with the traditional juicers the force only comes as you push downward and turn….I’m sure there’ll be those out in kitchen gadget land that will swear by the traditional squeezers, but after i bought the lemon one, i was sold. Buy one and see how you like it…

  4. Hi there! I originally came across your blog looking for dining places in Adelaide as I am heading there next week, then saw this post abt these gadgets. Coindicidently, I saw these during lunch time at Target and was wondering if they are any good. Do they get more juice out than a traditional hand juicer?

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