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If you’re a regular reader of this blog you’ll know i have an addiction of cookbooks…just like you, i’m guessing LOL.  These past 3 weeks have seen 2 new additions to my collection.  I’m also going to share one that i particularly like because of it’s focus being herbs & spices…i’m a huge fan of herbs and spices for flavour!

Little Italy by Laura Zavan was recommended by Tom, who works at Lucia’s in Adelaide’s Central Markets.  Tom wraps my purchases each week; we whinge/commisterate about uni each week and share foodie info.  It’s a beautifully presented book and there’s lots of recipes that i’m going to try, but as yet haven’t had the time to really get into it and cook from it.  This book presents: antipasti; condiments; pizza & co.; formaggi; salami; pasta; lasagne; ravioli; dry pasta; gnochi; risotto; trattoria; seaside; little vegetable dishes; and dolci. Being an Italian cookbook lover, I was never going to leave this one on the shelf.

cooking with herbs and spices

I’ve had this cookbook for 2 years now.  What drew me to buying it was the title: ‘Cooking with herbs & spices’; written by Linda Tubby & Manisha Gambhir Harkins.  I have a small herb garden out back…all in pots.  Eventually i want my own patch to fill with herbs.  The sections in this book cover: herbs & spice tips; soups & salads; starters and light meals; main courses; vegetable dished; pasta, rice & bread; sweet things; little extras; herb and spice directory; and finally mail order & shops.

The cuisine you’ll find in this book is varied with recipes coming from, India, Egypt and Asia  to name a few.  There are desserts too!  My thoughts on flavour is that it should come from ‘real’ ingredients and not chemicals!


This final book, i picked up tonight from Adelaide’s Central Markets.  It’s a beautifully illustrated book.  The contents reads: the secret of tagines; traditional lamb tagines; beef, kefta and sausage tagines; chicken & duck tagines; vegetable tagines and finally accompaniments.  What sold it for me was the recipe for ‘Tagine of spicy kefta with lemon’.  I’m going to be cooking that one very soon!

I’m not in the habit of telling people where to buy their books, but if i am buying online i use fishpond because if you spend $50 or more postage is free. They don’t wait for all your books to be available before shipping them. The ship what they have in stock immediately and then follow up with items that have to be ordered/restocked.  I’m not endorsing this company at all; just sharing information of where I purchase from.

So, i’ve shared my latest cookbook acquisitions, now it’s time to share yours…go ahead, i’m dying to hear what you’ve bought recently or plan to buy.


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