Creating a Harmonious and Functional Sewing Space pt 2

sewing room mess from door view

Friends, since I’ve already showed you the worst my sewing room has been, I don’t feel at all bothered about showing you pictures of the mess I am creating to get more organised.  This is the view from the door – it looks worse than it really is.  I’ve been diligently working on creating the sewing room for over two weeks now – I’ve ditched, sorted and replaced and then ditched, sorted and replaced some more!  The room begins to resemble a sewing room for about 6 hours and then I go back in for the next round and it ends up being messy after I’ve rearranged and reorganised some more.  I’ve already showed you the Expedit storage/cabinet system that I had installed in the last sewing room blog. Since then, I have added drawers, doors and storage boxes to the unit: I still have more magazine holders, doors and drawers to add to it.

Besta Shelves

This past week I installed the shell and shelves of a Besta cabinet/cupboard and added four deep drawers today; I’ve begun putting all my vintage patterns in the drawers. I won’t be putting doors on until I finally decide where everything will go: I will also add an extender unit on the top.

vintage pattern drawer - layettes

If I can’t find drawer dividers that divide the drawer into thirds, I will make my own.

  sewing room printer cabinet corner

I’ve spent more time at IKEA and on the IKEA website in the past fortnight than I have in the last two and a half decades combined!  I will be going back again during the week ahead – to purchase  part of the ‘shell’ of the Pax cupboard system that I’m putting in to replace the cupboard above.  The Pax system is much deeper than both the Expedit and Besta units I put in on the other walls and will hold the two printers we have, all the copy paper you see on the shelf, the stationary supplies and more fabric and craft supplies that are in the bottom of the cupboard and in boxes on the top. Pax is also a lot taller so much more space to organise stuff and I’ll be putting ons sliding doors to maximise room space.

sewing room mess Horn sewing cabinet

Even though the room is still a huge mess, I know I’m becoming more organised because I have managed to fit the Horn sewing cabinet back in!  That alone has made me feel much better because I’ve been sewing in the hallway most of the year.  The best part is yet to come; creating the cutting island!

Readers, I hope you enjoyed this most recent sewing room update; as you can see there’s still lots more to do.

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