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creative needle the baby issue

Mid last year i discovered Creative Needle magazine…did i just hear you say ‘woohoo a gorgeous stitching magazine’?…ummm well yeah, it’s also been out of print for quite a few years. I could have cried, but instead, i did what all motivated people do, i went to eBay!   When i saw this Baby Issue from Nov/Dec 2003 i knew i had to have it and so i took the ‘buy it now’ option.  I haven’t sewn any heirloom baby garments for a few months; it was a hot summer, but the cute little dress on the cover lit my fire to start creating again.

The dress uses a pattern from Jeannie Baumeister’s The Old Fashioned Baby range of traditional baby-wear patterns that i adore. This particular dress is from Best Embroidered Baby Clothes One: dress view 1 with the sleeves from dress view 2.

I’m not using the same fabric as the magazine; instead i’m using a 100% handkerchief linen in lemon from my stash. The magazine version uses Bearlin, a linen and swiss cotton blend which creases less than linen, but hey, i’ve got a fancy schmantzy LauraStar iron that rocks linen so i figured why not!

creative needle mag pin tucks

I started with the pin tucks that are 1/8″ wide and have 1/8″ spaces in between.  The mag used a technique called ‘tucktastic’…i tried it for most of the pin tucks; i won’t be using it again as i prefer to do them by hand by pulling the thread at the fold line, then finger pressing the fold and pinning and sewing. The needle-weaving was achieved by simply drawing out two threads with a space of three threads between and each and then weaving over three threads and under three threads in the removed thread ditch…clear as mud??

Tomorrow, i’ll be making the tucks on the two back pieces along with the needle weaving. Wish me luck.


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