Die Aphids Die!

I’ve got aphids…as a grower of chillies this is the same as saying my children have headlice…other gardeners run as fast and as far away as possible not unlike parents of children without headlice!  It’s been too hot to use white oil and controlling the aphids by hand has been an epic fail.  I did however discover another avenue of control via Saucy Onion who blogged about her aphid infestation.

Bugs for bugs is a company in Queensland that harvest bugs as a form of biological control for bugs on crops and in gardens etc.  It’s a fabulous idea for organic gardeners who, despite their best efforts at companion planting etc, have issues with bugs that wreak damage.  Last year I lost all but one of my chilli crop…Not happy Jan!

So I’ve taken the bull, or more appropriately the aphids, by the horns and have released 300 lacewings into Harriet the Jalapeno bush in a last ditch effort to get rid of the aphids.  They arrived in the post today.  I rang the company on Thursday.  They processed my order and rang me on Friday morning to let me know they were dispatching the order and to expect them on Monday morning.

True to their word, the parcel arrived this morning.  The instructions told me to release them into the foliage once larvae start to emerge which should be anywhere between the 30th of March and the 1st of April.  As it happens the little critters had begun to emerge as soon as I opened the container.  They come in the little plastic containers of lucerne hay.  You transfer the lucerne hay & lacewings into the little hanger release boxes (above).

I filled all five release boxes and hung them at various positions within Harriet’s foliage.  Fingers crossed that this works!

So, my gardening readers how do you control your garden pests?

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