Dried Herbs

 I love fresh herbs!  It’s satisfying being able to walk out my back door and cut fresh herbs as I need them.  But invariably, winter sets in and the herb garden becomes somewhat dormant.  And that’s where drying the bounty grown throughout summer comes into its own!


I grow thyme which dries fabulously.

I also grow oregano and recently I’ve planted two more oregano plants to make sure there

is enough to dry for the winter months because we use lots of oregano.

 So, at this point in time I have 3 oregano plants and 2 thyme plants which provide leaves for both fresh and dried use.

This is what I cut off the plants today.  I trimmed one of the oregano plants and two of the thyme plants. 

Once they’ve been dried the leaves can be removed from the stems and then ground ready for use.  During summer I let them air dry on metal trays in my kitchen but during winter if I manage to get a decent harvest I dry them in a very low oven for an hour or two.  Once they’ve been dried I take the leaves off the stems and process them using my bamix and the grinder attachment.

and this is what I am left with.  I store the herbs in glass jars in the pantry.

My all time favourite dried herb is oregano. 

What’s yours?

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