February Potted Garden Update

We need to have a potted garden-warming party because there are a number of new occupants.  Firstly welcome two new oregano plants to the garden.  The original is one is still growing great guns but

it’s not harvesting nearly enough leaves for me to dry for over winter when it won’t be growing as much.

The miniature myer lemon had transformed itself despite several heatwaves.

The larger of the hot chillies is full of fruit, as are the three other birdseye chillies.

Harriet the Jalapeno is also bearing fruit at a fabulous rate.

Indira Naidoo (the curry leaf tree not the real person) has double in size since she came to live with us.

We also welcome a lemongrass plant to add to the family.  I’ve been trying to add to the Thai flavours with the plants that I choose.

Also new to the garden is Rhubarb.  I grow rhubarb primarily for Caitlin but we all love it.  To try and keep a constant harvest during winter, I’ll be getting another 2 or 3 plants.

The last two new additions to the potted garden is a perennial basil on the left and a stevia on the right.  I want to see how a perennial basil produces during winter.  We eat a lot of basil and if this performs well i’ll be getting more.  I bought the stevia on a whim…I just wanted to see how I could use the sweet leaves.  Apparently the leaves dry very well.  I’m very interested in seeing how I can use it in baking to reduce sugar without losing the sweetness.

And the final update for the month is the tomatoes which are all still producing fruit.  I’m a little amazed that so late in summer I’m still not only harvesting fruit but finding newly budding fruit.

I’ve had no further problems with pests like caterpillars this season, so I’m a very happy potted garden farmer!


One thought on “February Potted Garden Update

  1. Your garden is such a hive of activity! It makes me a little ashamed to say ours does not look anywhere near as productive (although amazingly we are still getting tomatoes too!)

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