Fine Machine Sewing Challenge

fine machine sewing front cover

Friends, this book arrived in my mailbox today…well actually the postie left it on the ground next to the post box, but hey, I still got it so it’s okay, right?

It’s Fine Machine Sewing by Carol Laflin Ahles and it’s jam packed with some great sewing techniques that aren’t too mainstream. In fact many of them come under the banner of heirloom sewing. I’ve wanted this book for ages, but trying to get a copy in Australia hasn’t been easy; it’s been a popular book since it’s initial publication.  This version is the completely revised and updated edition and I ordered the first edition too; so I could take it apart and have it set into clear protective pockets and put into a folder. On her website, Carol Laflin Ahles, suggests buying the outdated copy so you can take it apart to use it as a working reference book with your completed samples.  So i’m taking a leaf from Carol’s book and doing just that.

fine macine sewing contents 1

There’s lots to learn from this book so I’ve decided that the best way to learn from it, is to just work through it chronologically and complete each technique as a sample.

fine machine sewing front page

I’m really looking forward to the Madeira Appliqué section…I think I might have to really stop myself from jumping ahead.

Readers, are you ready to follow me in my sewing journey?

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