Happy New Year

Advance 3453 - ca 1940s

Welcome to 2014!!!

Readers, I hope you’ve had a safe and happy start to the new year. It’s been a quiet relaxing time in the SuziwongCreations household. I’ve been researching our visit to France and have started language classes. Sadly, after a bit of a kerfuffle, I withdrew from the class. But fear not, friends, I have found Babble.com to fill in the blanks until I decide what other classes to enrol in. Well back to business. This Advance 3453 arrived yesterday. It’s not often I get sequential numbers with patterns, but this one is sequential to another Advance pattern I have in the collection.

Advance 3452 is very very similar to 3453; in fact the only discernible difference that I can see is that 3453 has a bib, a navel band and a singlet type garment. The removal of the navel band and the singlet type garment makes me think that this was due to the move forward that newborn navels started being treated differently – A medical or child-care advancement, if you will.

Advance 3452 - 1943

The next pattern I have, isn’t strictly a layette pattern. It’s an iron-on transfer pattern for a bib, bonnet and sacque. There are also transfers for the word “baby” which I assume is for embroidering baby’s pillowcase or bed linen.

Butterick 10862 Transfer


Folks, I don’t have a definitive release date for the Advance patterns, but 1943 is the only year that they fit on my dating source. I’m not convinced that they were both released in the same year because the two prices of the patterns are vastly different – there is a 10 cent difference; that’s a large price rise within a one year period for that time, in my opinion.

The Butterick pattern is even harder to date: It’s pre ‘Butterick Pattern’ and is presented as “The Butterick Publishing Company” which is how Butterick started. It’s very Victorian in appearance. I’m going to give it a guess-timation of Pre-1930 for sure and perhaps even Pre-1920.

Dating patterns can be a very frustrating experience!

Anyway friends, that’s all from me today.

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  1. Oooh, France! How fun! Great patterns, I especially love the Butterick one. I looked for it in a couple of books that I happened to have out and there is a “#10862- Transfer motifs for infants items” listed in the Upcoming Designs section of the Winter 1919 quarterly catalog. Sadly the facing page with the illustrations is missing, but I’d bet it’s the same one. 🙂

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