How Sharp Are Your Knives?

I am a compulsive knife sharpener…I admit it; every time I use a knife, i wash it by hand, dry it and then use a ceramic knife steel to keep the blade maintained. But, even doing that constant maintenance, my knives are never as sharp as i would like. If you’ve come to this website for the food blog, then you’ll know that I cook…a lot. If you’ve come to this website for the upholstery then you’ll know I use high quality upholstery shears…a lot. So, it’s not a stretch of the imagination that I need and want sharp blades all the time.

A few months ago I bought the upholstery shears pictured, second from the left, in the pic. They are high quality Wiss shears and I paid a pretty penny for that quality.  When they arrived I was only somewhat happy with them; they were nice and sharp when I cut fabric from the bolt but they couldn’t cut using just the tips of the shears and If you’ve ever done any upholstery, you’ll know that using the ends of shears to cut small release cuts in tight spaces is necessary.

Today, I had a mobile knife sharpening service come to the house to sharpen all of my cooking knives, two pairs of kitchen scissors and the Wiss upholstery shears. I also had two of my best friend’s knives for sharpening. I can’t tell you how sharp my knives, scissors and shears are…I cut a soft tomato with my favourite flexi Global cooks knife! I haven’t been able to do that since i first purchased it and that was only within the last 12 months! I tested out my upholstery shears by cutting small cuts using only the tips and i’m beyond thrilled; they cut like a hot knife going through butter.

Troy, from ‘A Wicked Edge’ quoted me $100 to have all of the knives and scissors, in the picture above, sharpened and I was happy with that quote. As an afterthought, when he was working on the knives, I remembered that my upholstery shears could be better so i took them out to him at his mobile workshop. He didn’t charge me any extra above his initial quote for the shears…I would have happily paid the extra that I should have. If you live in Brisbane and would like a reputable knife sharpener to maintain your own knives, I can highly recommend Troy, from A Wicked Edge. If you’d like to contact him, you can do so by going to his website  or via his Facebook page. Troy didn’t sponsor this post in any way. Troy was independently contacted by me to have my knives sharpened at my own expense and any reviews that I have given are based completely on my own experience. I am super happy with the service and in turn am super happy to highly recommend this business.


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