How smooth are you?

mashed potato

You can live or die by your mash in my world!  If you think serving up lumpy mash was hard for the Masterchef contestants, you haven’t been judged by my family.  They don’t even need to wear cow hide boots or cravat’s to make the potato chef’s knees shake in fear! For the last two decades i’ve served up my creamy mash using my trusty hand held masher.  But recently, i bought a new gadget that helped me produce my creamy mash without so much effort!

masher 1

This is my new mash hero!  I really do need to stay away from cookware stores!  It has 3 different strainers, so far i’ve only tried the smallest holes.  I’m interested to see how pasta dough goes through this gadget and when i get time i’ll have a go and blog the results.

potatoes in masher

The trick to my creamy mash is to slightly over cook your potatoes with a pinch of salt.  They need to ever-so-slightly fall apart when cut with a knife.  I peel and cut my potatoes into 2 inch cubes, cover them with boiling water, cover the bowl with plastic wrap, leaving an edge open, and microwave on high for about 15 minutes.  I drain them and then immediately start mashing.  Add margarine or butter (whatever your preference), stir through until melted, add a pinch of salt and then add a little milk and stir through until the potato is all creamy and smooth.

creamy mash

I make my mash work for their place on a plate!  They act as ‘pea boats’!  There’s nothing worse than chasing after peas around the plate, so i make a dam out of the potato and seve the peas in the hole.  Even though i don’t generally like to mix my food when i’m eating, i’ve gotten partial to eating the peas and potato together.

So dear readers, how do you do your mash?


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