I’m Feelin’ Hot Hot Hot

Vogue 5270 -  ca 1950s Australian pattern

Friends, if you’re not familiar with a Southern Hemisphere summer here Down Under, then I’m here to tell you it’s hot hot hot.  Believe me when I tell you, you could fry and egg on the footpath in a few minutes. It’s so hot, I’ve kept Brown Dawn in the house for three days straight in case he melted into a puddle of Lindt’s finest dark chocolate!…no hyperbole here folks; just pure fact! The heat has kept me out of the sewing room and firmly planted in the air-conditioned living room, but today with a little relief I got to photographing ‘weather appropriate’ sunsuit/playsuit patterns.

It’s all about the frills for me folks – I just love them. The Vogue pattern, an Australian release, above is likely from around 1961. The earlier play/sun suits in my collection  don’t have elastic in the legs. This one does so I know it’s later.

This Butterick is from 1952; again it has elastic at the legs which would, without the date, give some idea that it’s from the 50s or 60s.

 Butterick 6144 - ca 1950s

 We’re heading backwards with this sweet Du Barry pattern – No leg elastic and no exact date 🙁 I do know, from the envelope design that it’s from between 1936 and 1938. The instructions are very fragile, so if I decide to make it up, i’ll need to make a working photocopy of it.

 DuBarry 1990B ca 1940s

This cute little number is from 1949; again no elastic at the waist or legs. I love the rounded heart shape at the front top of the sunsuit; so very cute.

 McCall 1466 - 1949 w/transfer

We’re moving out of the 1940s and into 1951 with this  non-elaticated McCall pattern. McCall’s appeared to be a little later to take on elastic in their garment patterns. The boys are really taken care of with both a little jacket and cap!

 McCall 1599 - 1951 w/transfer

These toddlers’ two piece playsuits are just divine; so very similar to nappy/diaper sets. It’s from 1960 and has both leg elastic and crotch snaps and/or buttons. This choice is a move away from earlier patterns that offer buttons only to close the crotch.

 McCall's 2391 - 1960

We’re heading backward to the late 40s  era with this sweet Simplicity pattern – my research shows that is may be from 1949. This unisex patterns is for a jacket and pants/shorts/knickerbocker set with a bonnet or a romper. This one has elastic for the back of the pant/knickerbocker.

 Simplicity 2892 ca 1949

Simplicity 4364, from 1953, has back elastic but no leg elastic. It appears that leg elastic became used in the early 1960s and back waist elastic was introduced in the late 1940s/early 1950s. I wonder why no one thought to make a leg casing for the elastic around the leg like they did with the back waist elastic casing?

 Simplicity 4364 - 1953

The final two are the same pattern with differing envelope art. Vogue 2322 is from 1944 – it has no elastic at all, which is very consistent with the era.

 Vogue 2322 -  ca 1940s USA pattern

 Vogue 2322  rerelease -  ca 1940s USA pattern

Friends, the past three days of heat have been draining. It’s been too hot to sew, too hot to go outside – too hot to do much of anything really. Poor Brown Dawg has been stuck inside for three days running; only going out to do his business.

This evening, the wind started blowing and the heat abated significantly, so I quickly took the chance to get Brown Dawg out for a walk around the River Torrens; my favourite walk for him because there’s lots of garden pockets along the way where I can pull off the path and do some training with him. He was one happy chocolate monkey tonight, that’s for sure.

Friends, before I go, I  have a teaser to tell you. Just one little clue to something rather exciting for me. Make of it what you will.

Parlez vous Francais? Non. Parlez vous Anglais.

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  1. Where did you find these patterns. They are adorable. Sometimes I think fashion gets it wrong when they go retro. I think they need to go far far back so that they actually have gorgeous vintage clothes. 

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