Indira the Curry Leaf Tree

indira curry leaf tree

I’ve been looking for a curry leaf tree for ages!  On top of that I’ve been drooling over Indira Naidoo’s curry leaf tree that she grows on her edible balcony at it’s a seriously good looking curry leaf tree.  Last week I finally found an online source for a curry leaf tree in Qld Northern NSW and today she arrived.  So in honour of Indira’s fabulous looking curry leaf tree, i’ve named curry leaf tree Indira.  She’s currently hardening up in my back yard and in a few days time i’ll repot her into a lovely new home/pot on the weekend.  Welcome to Adelaide, Indira!

2 thoughts on “Indira the Curry Leaf Tree

  1. Wait til you see the fancy pot I got for Indira the curry leaf tree; she’s looking hot to trot! LOL “baby” on the other hand got a hand-me-down pot from the tomato plant that i repotted into a bigger one. I’ll take a few pix of Indira (the curry leaf tree LOL) and post them in the morning.

  2. I’m so relieved you now have not one but two curry leaf plants and one named after me! Hopefully the produce they provide will be as hot and spicy as I am!!!Hee!Hee! Indira

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