Lamb Lagoto

I’ve taken to buying Jamie Oliver’s new magazine. I think i’m going to subscribe; that’s a biggie for me as I only subscribe to mags I really love. I don’t buy gossip mags at all; limit my purchase of Vogue, only buy Gourmet Traveller when an issue takes my eye as with other cooking mags. I have bought 2 out of the 3 published Jamie magazines. I couldn’t get issue one! Each issue is packed with great recipes…Tonight I tried lamb lagoto, a Greek dish that is slow cooked and presented in issue 2 of Jamie magazine. It was delicious!

I simmered a whole head of garlic in water for 15-20 minutes til soft. Then i browned the lamb and added the squished up garlic paste that i made from the boiled garlic head. Added tomatoes, oregano & mint. There’s the juice of 2 lemons in just before serving. Oh my lordy it was so good. The lamb was slow cooked and so tender.

Here’s the end product served with steamed rice. Everyone liked it so much we’re having it again next weekend!

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