Lemons, Lemons, Lemons

Well my two little myer lemons are in the bottle on the left..along with a ring-in to fill the botte LOL…and i used bought lemons to make the jar of lemon curd.
I made Stephanie Alexander’s banana bread recipe to make banana bread which goes with lemon curd, like you wouldn’t believe. Toast the banana bread and you’ll be in lemon curd heaven. The lemon curd recipe is from Stephanie Alexander as well; it’s a ‘quick’ version of lemond curd; it’s delish!
I bought a moroccan tajine this weekend and used it for the first time tonight…we had moroccan lamb tagine; it was yum. I’ll take a pic for the next blog…hopefully with lamb tagine in it.
Tomorrow i’m making poussin vegetable casserole…will definately be taking pics of that one.
i’m really looking forward to being able to use my own preserved lemons in cooking. They’ve been getting progressively more expensive. Yesterday i bought a bottle and it cost me $15.90…NO JOKE. Isn’t that ridiculous??? Well that made me mad and i decided that each time i empty a bottle of preserved lemons i’ll make up a new one. At least then i’ll have a little stockpile going on. I refuse to pay that rediculous price for preserved lemons.
okay that’s it for us here in Adelaide.

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