Let’s Play ‘Mystery Object’

lavender water sprinkler bottle head


Friends, by now, you all know (and by ‘you all’ i mean the two of you who read my blog) that i am not a fan of suspense…but today I am so very tempted to act out a segment of ‘Mystery Object’ from the now defunct ABC1 program ‘The Collectors’ to keep you hanging on the edge of your sofas.  Of course I would baggs the role of the ever-chic Claudia Chan Shaw, I don’t care who plays the roles of  Gordon Brown and  Professor Adrian Franklin so as long as I get to be Claudia!

Did I hear you correctly; that YOU want to play the part of Claudia???  I think NOT!

This is MY game and I get to choose first and if you don’t like it you can go home and play all by yourself in your own backyard!  👿

Oh Dear…Friends, I’ve shown you my ugly side haven’t I? – and i don’t mean the side of my cheek with the large hairy mole! (Which cheek, I hear you ask?)  😛

Moving on  😳

Readers, do you remember a short while ago I posted about Lavender Water and I mentioned that there were special sprinkler-bottle heads to dispense the lavender water? No? Short term memory loss again?  🙄

I don’t plan on making a habit of this but here’s the post i’m talking about – please go back and refresh your memory; yes, i’ll wait here for you  😉


Are we all up to speed now??? Okay; let’s move on.

front view Aluminium lavender water sprinkler head

As far as I can tell these ironing sprinkler bottle heads were used in the USA during the mid-20th Century. This vintage one I have is an aluminium version. You can still purchase them! – the new versions are of course, plastic.

close up sprinkler head - lavender water bottle

 There is a layer of cork that covers the end that is inserted into a soda-pop/soft-drink bottle to create a tight fit. The cork on this one is in fabulous condition; many that I have come across on Etsy and eBay have chunks out of the cork or it is missing entirely.

sprinker bottle top - Lavender Water


I purchased mine from an American seller on Etsy and I bought the Schweppes orange soft-drink/soda bottle from a local vintage store for $10. Many of the Etsy listings come with the soda pop/soft-drink bottle, but I didn’t want to spend a fortune on shipping due to the weight and dimensions of the bottle so I only bought a sprinkler head.

I’ve used it a few times; it works well – A spray bottle delivers a fine even mist where as the sprinkler head delivers beads of lavender water. To be honest, they do the same thing; ‘six of one and half a dozen of the other’ best sums-up a comparison of methods.

So there you go friends…did you guess what the ‘Mystery Object’ was??? Sadly, I won’t be awarding prizes to the successful guesser as was the practice on ‘The Collectors’ – I will however attempt to play a little nicer in the sandpit  😆

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