Long Vintage Gown with Scalloped Hemline

long vintage gown with scalloped hem

Hello friends…I have another vintage gown to share with you. This one’s a stunner; take a peep at that double scalloped hemline!

long vintage gown with scalloped hem

If you think i’m excited about the double scalloped hemline then you’ll KNOW i’m having conniptions over those hemstitched ladders! And don’t get me started on those teeny tiny eyelets –

Friends, I need a moment to gather myself – the excitement over this gown has me losing control and I need some level of control to show you the neckline and front of the dress – it’s pretty amazing.

long scalloped hem gown

Firstly, cast your gaze to the graduating widths on the teeny tiny pintucks – WOW

Then move your peepers to the entredeux – it’s so incredibly tiny…why oh why can’t we get entredeux that small these days???? ┬áThen move up to the hemstitched ladders – Okay folks, I’ve got to stop again. I think I need to get a paper bag to slow my breathing down. I hope nobody rings because I fear the caller might think it’s a reverse heavy breather call!

scalloped hem long gown sleeve seam pic

As you can see the French seams have seen better day; there’s always fixing to do on these gowns when they arrive. ┬áDespite the repairs that invariably need doing, I still adore these gowns. To be honest, even though many of them are around 60 years old, they’re still better quality than all of the new baby wear I come across!

When I’m sixty, I figure i’ll need a nip and tuck here and there just like these extraordinary gowns…and I’d like to think I was quality stuff haha

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