McCall’s 2143

McCall's 2143 - post 1952

Friends, McCall’s 2143 arrived this past week. I’ve yet to check if it’s complete, but I did have a peek to see if the transfer sheet was included. It’s always a nice surprise when the transfer sheets are in the packet and an even greater surprise if the transfer sheet is complete!

McCall’s 2143 had a complete transfer sheet  😀

The two mirror image designs at the bottom of the transfer are for the sacque. One for each front corner panel.

 McCall's pattern transfer sheet pt1.

This design is for the bib.


The booties.


This long one is for the front button placket.

 McCall's transfer sheet front of dress

Although this blue transfer sheet is really sweet, it’s the silver ones that are really something special.


But, that special treat is for another post.

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