McCall’s M5992 – Flannel Pyjamas For Everyone Including…The Dog???


Friends, Winter is officially here and now that the weather is cooling it’s time to whip up some flannel pyjamas for Miss22 and with any luck our pair of chocolate puppers will get a pair as well! After all…when you’re sewing for the family, that includes the furbabies too doesn’t it???

Miss22 hadn’t asked me to make her winter pyjamas…in fact the way these pyjamas came to being was rather odd at best. We were out op-shopping for Bratz Dolls for me to repaint their faces and redress them. But of course after I had rifled through the fashion doll section, I moved on to the craft/sewing/knitting section to go through all the patterns on offer. Mostly I look for vintage patterns but occasionally I find a modern pattern that’s useful: as it was the case with this pattern.

She chose this patterned stripe flannel fabric which is reminiscent of 1970’s flannel bedsheets that we used to have when I was a child.


…and since it was just pyjama pants, I couldn’t be bothered to match the stripes – yes, I’m lazy!

And to prove just how lazy I am, I decided to use fold over elastic instead of making an elastic pocket!


I was so lazy I didn’t even change thread colour to match the elastic.



To redeem myself I may do a blind hem…we’ll see!

I really like fold over elastic; I use it on my knickers. I’ll be making more pyjamas this winter so I purchased some 50mm FOE for the waistbands; the 25mm will do the job, but I’d prefer a slightly wider elastic.

In other sewing news: I’m in the process of making working muslins of tomboy trunks for miss22. I’m up to my second muslin! I think i’ll have a final style once the 35mm jacquard elastic arrives.

Here’s an update folks; the pyjama pants are done! and yes I even did a nice tidy blind hem.


2 thoughts on “McCall’s M5992 – Flannel Pyjamas For Everyone Including…The Dog???

  1. Lorraine, after having a look at the dog pattern, i’m not sure it will fit my big furbabies…maybe if i do some pattern adjustments and use two way stretch knit it will work; fingers/paws crossed. All the good dog wear and patterns are mostly for small dogs.

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