Merry Christmas from the McLaren-Langford’s in Adelaide

Merry Christmas everyone, we hope you’ve had a wonderful day just as we have. This isMiss19’s first year living away from home and she and GardeningBoyfriend come for Christmas lunch. It was wonderful sharing our day with GardeningBoyfriend and we’re so glad he came. This is Miss19, Miss16 and GardeningBoyfriend a few hours ago…post Karty and Prawn Curry but pre the Black Forest Cherry cake, which by the way was AWESOME!!! Mr Suziwong cooked the prawn curry and karty meat and he and Miss16 made the paratha. The food was incredible! Miss 19 is wearing one of the bead necklaces i made her. This one is red glass beads and the other is dark red crystals. We got her a rice cooker and we got GardeningBoyfriend a big bag of gourmet kitchen foods. Miss16 was given a new phone and the Star Wars trilogy DVD’s. Mr Suziwong got DVD’s and i got a magazine subscription and some music cd’s. Miss19 made us a beautiful art work that we’ll hang. I’ll take a pic and put in the next blog.
I made the girls their yearly ornament. Miss16’s is the one on the left andMiss19’s is the blue one on the right.

I haven’t managed to get the girls’ ornaments done the last 2-3 years, but this year i’m going to get the missing ones made. I’ve asked for a Horn sewing cabinet for my birthday so that my sewing machine can be away, but easily accessed. I’ve realised i need to be able to manage my non-study time better and instead of putting all my quilting stuff away during the study year, i need to be able to do a bit here and there on the weekends etc…i need BALANCE!!
This is a picture of GardeningBoyfriend’s Black Forest Cherry cake slice…we had the cake in the outside fridge which is colder because it has beer it it. So when the cake came out it was a little hard, so we microwaved each slice just a little to soften it. GardeningBoyfriend decided to put his in a little longer and the cream melted and the cake collapsed a little…we all laughed at his cake that pooped itself! Click here for the pdf recipe of the Black Forest Cherry Cake PDF
Well, we’re all exhausted…as usual we had such little time to get ready for xmas that we didn’t get the xmas cards out on time and we still haven’t organised gifts for our nieces and nephews…that’s what we’ll get done on the weekend and on Monday…
Merry Christmas to all our loved ones far and wide across the country and world…you all know who you are! Hugs and kisses from Suziwong, Mr Suziwong, Miss16 & Miss19 xxx
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