Mother’s Day Nesting Chicken Cookies – Pt 1


I swear, this isn’t a belated Easter post! It’s an early Mother’s Day Post. This past week, one of my (many) De Koekkenbakker orders arrived and the nesting chicken and egg cutters were in the package. I love Mariëlle’s cutters and her decorating style and this design screamed Mother’s Day to me!


I just can’t help myself with her cutters; I keep going back for more. At very least, I want to get all of her 3D cutters. I have to tell you that the design of the decorating of this is mostly a copy of Mariëlle’s; I only changed the grass by using an extruder piping tip.

To make this cookie construction you will need:

The cookie & egg cutter set #1 from the 3D Cookie Cutter Shop  on Etsy.

a round base cookie cutter – i used a fluted round cutter

pink flood royal icing – hen

pink medium to stiff royal icing – hen wings

white flood royal icing – eggs

white stiff royal icing – eyes of hen, dots on hen body

green medium to thick royal icing – grass

yellow flood royal icing – chick head

yellow stiff royal icing – beak of hen & chick head plume

orange stiff royal icing – chick beak

black stiff royal icing – chick eyes & hen eyes, nest

2 differing shades of brown stiff royal icing – nest (my browns were too similar in colour)

red stiff royal icing – hen combs

yellow or orange edible marker

piping tips – multiple hole extruder tip, #2 or #3 round tips for all other work

palette knife or offset baking knife

disposable piping bags 

pink petal dusk – i used candy pink

small dusting brush


  1. Bake the cookies and let dry completely.
  2. Flood the hen with pink flood icing and let dry. When dry pipe the wings and the white dots on the body and the white of the eye. Pipe the combs and the beak. Once dry draw dots on the body with the edible marker and the black eye. Once dry use the petal dust to make the pink cheeks. Dust lightly around the edge of the pink flood and in between and around the wings to add a little dimension.
  3. Flood the eggs with white flood: two are flooded halfway up the egg and one is completely flooded. Leave to dry. Once dry, flood the half eggs with yellow flood to create the head. Once dry, pipe on the eyes, beak and head plumes. Put aside to dry.
  4. Use the green icing and palette knife to spread a thin layer of icing on the round base cookie. Leave to dry. Once dry, use the extruder tip to create the grass around the edge. Don’t add the grass over the entire cookie. Leave the inside area clear of the grass where the nest will sit. Once dry use the black and two brown stiff royal icings to make the nest. Pipe a round or two of one colour and then change over to the other colours so that the next has some dimension.  Leave to dry.
  5. Use the stiff green icing to glue the hen into the nest. Let dry and then glue the egg and chicks in the nest.  You can use the lightest brown stiff icing to add some ‘hay’ to the inside of the nest in between the eggs and around the hen. I didn’t do it this time, but I would do it next time.


Well friends, that’s today’s offering! I enjoyed doing this one. The next one will be a wedding inspired cookie; so keep an eye out for it either here or on facebook on the Suzi Wong Creations page or on instagram at suziwong66.




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