Moving on from Balinese day bed lounge

This is one of 2 leather lounges I really like. Saw this one today for the first time. Incredibly comfortable.

The cushion on the 3 seater had furry angora wool over it. I adored it, but the $170 price tag was a bit much. The other lounge I like is twice the price at Natuzzi in Norwood. It’s awesome but I don’t know if I want to make that big an investment yet. Maybe once we’ve decided to settle in one place. These two pieces are around $4000 together which isn’t too bad for fairly decent quality leather. The lounge comes in 3 grades of leather quality. The guy in the store said they recommend the middle grade of leather because it is the easiest to maintain….The next grade up wasn’t that much more expensive but apparently is much harder to maintain.
We have loved having a balinese day bed as a lounge but it’s time to move onto something else.

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