Mucking around

Here’s the first installment of my work in progress mosaic. i’ve finished the outside border of red tiles and the green grass. Tomorrow i’ll working on the orange tree trunk.

Duran Duran tickets go on sale tomorrow; i’ll be up and out early to go to ticketek to get tickets for me, Chloe & Caitlin.

Here’s Caitlin’s new bed. She’s very happy with it…lots more room that a single bunk bed!
Cappy’s looking good for an old boy…he’ll be 11 on the 29th of May. He still behaves like a young pup!

The chilli seedlings are coming along really well. I’ll be putting them into bigger pots in another month or so…they’ll have to go into a greenhouse, so i’ve been looking around for what’s on the market.

I know this photo is disgusting, but i wanted you all to see our worms at work!!! We have 4000 slippery suckers LOL
The next photos are of the planter pots in our backyard. I love the half wine barrels from vinyards in the Barossa Valley.

So, there’s a visual
up date of us lot in
Adelaide. Nothing too exciting! I’ll post again soon,



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